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Position: Circulating Nurse (RN)

Posted: 09/19/17


Circulating Nurse

Your mission as a Circulating Nurse

Circulating Nurses are Registered Nurses (RNs) who assist in surgical procedures by setting up the room before the operation, working with the doctor during surgery and preparing the patient for the move to the recovery room.

Reporting to the Medical Director and working closely with the surgeons and supporting staff, the circulating nurse provides quality service and care to patients undergoing surgery. As a multidisciplinary team member, the nurse participates in and provides, through application of knowledge, in the areas of anatomy, physiology, disease, pathology, and operative techniques; exposure of the surgical site, handling of tissue, and patient management, as directed by the surgeon.

The nurse also:

        - Practices in accordance with the standards of professional practice and code of ethics as outlined by the College of Registered Nurses’ of British Columbia (CRNBC).

        - Practices within a patient centered care model and the vision and values of the organization.

        - Provides nursing services in an operating room environment as a member of an integrated surgical team performing varied and complex surgical interventions.

        - Enhances quality of life from the perspective of the patient.

        - Consults, confers, and collaborates with other members of the surgical team.

        - Maintains and advances own clinical competence.

        - Participates on designated teams and projects as assigned

- •        Contributes to maintaining a safe environment and practices, and implements policies, procedures and regulations

       -  Demonstrates continuous improvement and best practice approach in nursing practice and patient care.  


Uphold outstanding care and customer service, using emotional intelligence and active listening

·         Assist the Coordinator in planning, organizing and scheduling surgery days

·         Assist with medical supply inventory

·         Ensure the integrity of data in patient files

·         Ensures that traffic areas are safe

·         Checks the safety of the environment (equipment, furniture, etc.), and reports any defective equipment or hazardous situations.

·         Collaborates and participates in standards of asepsis and infection control in the operating room

·         Declares any incident or accident, contributes to the analysis of the event, and participates in the identification and implementation of solutions to prevent recurrence of such as event;

·         Provides the necessary support to the victim of an accident and his family if necessary;

·         Knows and applies the emergency plan.

·         Any other tasks as per required by the Medical Director or management team.

Education & Experience

Required Skills

The hours of work including days off and work area may be subject to change consistent with operational requirements

Contact: Maria Moriello 514-908-9888 ext 2275