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Sharon Goodier, RN (CPN)

Sharon Goodier RN (CPN), working in Fraser Health for 27 years, employed at Ridge Meadow Hospital for 17 years. I recently had the opportunity to attend a 3 day workshop in Ottawa, facilitated by the Canadian Medical Protective Association. Fraser Health sponsored surgical teams of nurses, surgeons and anesthesiologists from several hospitals including Royal Columbian, Surrey, Jim Pattison, Langley, Eagle Ridge, Delta, Burnaby, and my site, Ridge Meadow. My team also included Dr. Siva Raghavan (anaesthesia) and Dr. Marnie Head (general surgeon), from Ridge Meadow. Each group had to be working on aspects of the surgical safety checklist and the workshop was designed to help teams implement and understand their aims and goals clearly, with inclusion of the culture, psychology safety and measurement. This was the first CMPA workshop on guiding a multidisciplinary team to work on changing the culture and providing an environment of psychological safety. This work is being done to create stronger teams that function for patient safety. 

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